Kitty Griffin

A Counter-Clockwise Princess

An adventure story set in 1896, in involves Princess Emerald Jaeger who finds in herself, the quick temper once attributed to her ancestor, Axel Jaeger, the man who cut off the head of the traitorous rebel, George Washington. As a gift, the Royal Prime and the Royal Court bestowed upon the Jaeger, a castle and the title of Prince or Princess for the descendants of Axel, forever and for always. Only Emerald is about to discover, while the Royal Court believes that there is a place for everyone and everyone should stay in their place, that might not be the case for Princess Emerald Jaeger.

Selected Works

A vibrant award-winning picture book
Revolution! Such a big word. What can one girl do? She can't stop the King. She can't fight as a soldier. She can RIDE!
A middle-grade adventure story for girls ages eight and up.
What if your ancestor was the man who stopped the American Revolution? What if his actions meant that the Royal Families united, not the colonies? Princess Emerald thought she knew her destiny. That was, until her own anger landed her at Teakettles Castle, a place where young Royals are sent to either change or disappear.
A middle-grade fantasy, 413 pages
Your brother forgives everyone, even Papa who left you in the woods to die, you forgive no one, not even yourself.
contemporary fantasy/supernatural YA
What happens when you find yourself at St. Peter's Fresh Air Institute
Set in 1952 with flying saucers
Middle-grade novel 160 pages