Kitty Griffin

Common sense

Published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

We have sidewalks and roads because we are a social society and we need paths to get to each other.
We have towns and cities because we are a social society and we are interdependent.
We are social. We are socialized.
I don’t know who handed out stupid pills, but this idea that “socialism” is going to take something away is like telling a honeybee that it should build a nest and not a hive.
“Socialized” medicine? A society that doesn’t take care of its own sick is itself a very sick society. Is it social or criminal to let your neighbor die because they can’t afford their medicine?
We can’t go back to the days where you paid the doc out of your own pocket or you gave him part of the yield from the garden. Technology had made medical care expensive. But what we can do is be civilized and figure out a way to take care of over forty million people who aren’t insured, or the other millions who are under-insured. The system we have now works for a few. If we are to survive and compete with countries that take care all of their people, then it’s time to come out from under the bed. No one is going to make you line up to see a doctor you don’t want to see or take a pill you don’t want to take.
Ask your doctor this--“Is our present system working? Do you like dealing with insurance companies?”
It’s time for a big enema. Time to clean out the waste and stupidity and make medical care what it should be—available, high quality, affordable, and most importantly-- good for doctor and patient. You can call it whatever you want, but just understand—this is common sense. Not communist sense. Common sense.

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As a writer I find that a good bit of my time involves sorting. Sorting through characters and ideas and places and events and archtypes and much sorting. I'm blessed here in Western Pennsylvania with wonderful trails to wander down.