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The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy
A dark night and and dangerous ride!

A Counter-Clockwise Princess
A sword. A destiny. A Princess who must turn against the Royal Court if she is to right a wrong.

Gretel: Into the Bloodthorn

Yes, that Gretel. The one who wasnít good enough to eat.

Her brother forgives everyone, even their father who took them into the woods and left them to die. Gretel forgives no one. Not even herself.

As someone left at an orphanage in Germany, I have been drawn to Gretelís story more than any other fairy tale. Happy ever after. Where did Gretel have to go to find happy ever after, when for her there was abandonment, betrayal, and murder?

You know, a witch has a heart of stone. Stone doesnít burn the way Gretelís hands and arms did when she shoved the witch into the oven.
Several years have passed and now, under a pile of broken bricks and debris, the heart stirs. Itís hungry. It remembers a tender, plump boy about to be eaten.
With gravy.

The heart knows it just has to wait for someone evil enough to come along and find it. Then, its hunger will be sated.

Hšnsel canít remember the time of the witch and Gretel remembers too much. It is a lonely burden.

Gretel struggles to find her place in the world. But then her world turns to terror as the stone heart is found and its evil seeks out her brother. Once again, Hšnselís life is in danger. Once again, it will be Gretel who must find a way to save him.

ďSorry, I donít do dead.Ē The words tumbled out of Leoís mouth before he could stop them. Like always, he couldnít close down the rest of what he had to say and he kept going. ďCemeteries are not something I go into willingly and I wonít be going to any cemetery, even a national one, not even for a class field trip.Ē He gripped the front of his desk and commanded his mouth to shut, which it finally did.
First there was muttering. Some laughter followed by uproarious laughter as the rest of the class took in what heíd said.
One look at Mrs. Fetchko and Leo knew he was in doo-doo. He felt sweat pooling under his armpits. She strode over to the board and next to the neatly printed name, Leo Shade, she added a second check.
Deep doo-doo. Dad had said, ďNo more calls. Or else.Ē He couldnít get another check.
ďMr. Shade, you must enjoy having me call your parents because this seems to be one of those days.Ē
There. No trial. No nothing. She probably had dad on speed-dial. He knew the drill. Three checks equaled one phone call.

Dear Mr. Hitchcock
August 13, 1952
Mr. Alfred Hitchcock
Hollywood, California

Dear Mr. Hitchcock,
This is the truth. On July 19, 1952 flying saucers flew over the U.S. Capital Building in Washington, D.C.
One week later, on July 26th they came back. (You can read about it in the Washington Post article that Iíve clipped to the top of this letter).
T. S.--Top Secret-- my eighteen-year-old sister, Mary Margaret, is why the saucers came back on the 26th. This swell story will make a box office smash, especially since itís true. Itís full of suspense, action, mystery, adventure, and love. Youíre the best director I can think of to make this movie. Please noteóin what follows I use real names. When itís time for the movie all the names MUST be changed to protect the innocent!
I am Bridget McGinnis. Iím thirteen years old and Iíll be going into the eighth grade. I get good marks in all of my subjects and I can send my report card if you wish. You will see Iíve never been in trouble (except for that one time with Sister Ambrosine, and I cross-my-heart promise, that wasnít my fault). I have remarkable powers of observation and Iím certain thatís why I love to watch your movies. I can tell youíre a man who pays attention to detail. You also seem like a very suspicious person. Thatís me, too!
Iím staying at a dairy farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for now. You can mail the contract to me at the above address. Please use the name Helen Alfred in the return address. We have to keep this T.S.--Top Secret for now. Iím sure you will understand once you review the story. And Mr. Hitchcock, hold on to your hat.

Yours very sincerely,
Bridget Kathleen McGinnis

P.S. Just so you know Iím not a beginner at this, Iíve written for radio shows-- three episodes for, ďYours Truly, Johnny Dollar,Ē and two for ďThe Falcon,Ē and one for that very creepy show, ďThe Inner Sanctum.Ē Iím certain Iíll hear from the producers any day now.

Selected Works

A vibrant award-winning picture book
Revolution! Such a big word. What can one girl do? She can't stop the King. She can't fight as a soldier. She can RIDE!
A middle-grade adventure story for girls ages eight and up.
What if your ancestor was the man who stopped the American Revolution? What if his actions meant that the Royal Families united, not the colonies? Princess Emerald thought she knew her destiny. That was, until her own anger landed her at Teakettles Castle, a place where young Royals are sent to either change or disappear.
A middle-grade fantasy, 413 pages
Your brother forgives everyone, even Papa who left you in the woods to die, you forgive no one, not even yourself.
contemporary fantasy/supernatural YA
What happens when you find yourself at St. Peter's Fresh Air Institute
Set in 1952 with flying saucers
Middle-grade novel 160 pages
Yee haw! What joy to find out Cowboy Sam got a starred review from Publisher's Weekly!

Be careful or I might put you in my next novel!

Writers always talk about "the movie inside their heads" but my buddies tell me I don't just have a movie--I've got a cineplex.


When I speak to school children I talk openly about being adopted from Germany. This is important. Adoption is still often a quiet topic. And yet, for those of us who are international adoptees, think about it--we've lost our names, our language, our history, and our heritage. Of course, we've gained, but still...I was just at a doctor's office and the PA wanted to know my family history.
Sorry. Don't have it.
So, yep, being adopted is an open topic for me.
In fact--Gretel, the thesis for my MFA is dedicated to all those children left in the woods who had to find their way out.