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Kitty Griffin

Kitty Letters


I am determined to finish several serious chores this year. I have three novels that need to be cleaned. I have two that need to be finished. I have a new one that is crawling all over me to get started.

I need fortitude to step back from outside interference so I can get my work done.

I need perseverance so I can finish my tasks.

The difficulty with being a writer is that so much of what we do takes place when we can glue our butts to the chair. I've never had the problem of blockage. Quite the contrary, I have writer's flood.

Trust me, it's nothing for me to crow about. Sometimes I have to put on the armor and ignore new characters crawling up my nose into my brain.

Because, as we all know, it's all about revising. The writer who can sit, finish, edit, revise, edit revise, is the writer who might succeed.

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