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My Works

The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy

A dark night, a dangerous ride, and a brave girl and her pony. Can they make a difference? 

Like a lovely shell found at the ocean, I came across this fascinating legend of Betsy Dowdy, a 16-year-old girl who braved a dark, cold night to warn the North Carolina militia that the redcoats were on the move. It was December 9, 1775 and the colonies of America were in an uproar because the people wanted freedom from tyranny. I saw this story as a way to introduce young readers/listeners to the American Revolution. Not only that, because the idea of "revolution" is so gigantic, I discovered that through this story it can be shown how one determined person can make a difference. I'm very proud of the recognition this work has received. Not only that, how amazing to have the very wonderful and talented Marjorie Priceman as the illustrator. Look at her vibrant use of color! 

When a Dream Comes a Haunting

This story is another one discovered during travel. The lovely Country Inn, located in Berkely Springs, West Virginia has a large room with a grand piano in it. A howling thunderstorm outside kept me from touring any of the shops so I sat in this room and my mind began to wander. I stared at the piano and I began to imagine...and I came up with the story of a girl who discovers a sheet of music that is half of a duet. It's a lovey work and Candice, my girl, is enchanted. The odd thing is, she starts to dream about the music and in her dream she can hear the other side of the duet. Something isn't quite right, Candice knows this, what she doesn't know is that very soon she'll be in danger.

This book can be purchased on Amazon, however, I'm in the process of finding an artist to design a new cover because...!!! I'm almost done with a second Candice Drake book, "When a Curse Comes a Calling" and I'd like the covers to match. So exciting. Candice returns to West Virginia and it isn't long before something unusual happens.

What a delightful surprise to earn this award for my teeny tiny poem story, "Little Mouse"

Poetry is something I find quite hard to do. There are so many rules! But this story came about because I came up with this--
Sun sets
Shadows grow
Night hums
Moon's aglow
And I was off! This tiny story tells of "Little Mouse" who leaves the nest for the first time alone to gather some grain for the whole family. Perhaps someday I'll find the right editor who will find the right illustrator or perhaps I'll illustrate it myself. We'll see.

Little Mouse

FISHEYE--Spirit of Moondance Film Festival Award Winner

Sometimes amazing things happen, like the award I won for this screenplay. Fisheye is a cautionary tale of a boy named Dylan who gets an offer he just can't refuse. It's tied into this marvelous game where what happens on screen begins to change the way things are in Dylan's life. Dylan should've read the contract all the way through. The devil really is in the details.


The award I received for this newspaper story meant the world to me. I'd interviewed Cecilia Kuchinic who at the time was 96. Sharp mind, quick wit, and spirited, she told me of life in the little village of Hackett  (right down the street from where I live). Here's how the story started-- "Cecilia Kuchinic's face hardened as she remembered. Nearly 80 years later and the image remains clear to her. First there would be the explosion of dynamite. That was the announcement to look up on the hill. Within minutes the flaming cross would be visible. Sunday night and the KKK were sending their message of hate. She has not forgotten that she was just a little girl, yet a band of men let her know they despised her kind--Catholics." This remains my most important newspaper story, her-story, a bit of history in my neighborhood.